-I know it coz I train them. B School certified.

From Excel woes to paper jams,
They tackle each challenge, like mini exam.
With wide-eyed wonder, they seek to learn,
Even if it means a few silly concerns.

They boldly ask questions, both big and small,
Like “Where’s the boss’s office?” and “Can I take this call?”
They bring a fresh perspective, full of zeal,
And remind us all of the joy work can reveal.

So here’s to the interns, may they thrive,
As they navigate this corporate hive.

Hi there- I’m an Asst Professor and doctoral scholar at B School. The other day one of the learners I was mentoring asked- 2month internship is a short span to build relations- How is the mandatory internship clause adding brownie points to their MBA profile?ย 

Internships can be a whirlwind experience, but don’t underestimate the power of your short time in the workplace!

Here’s a witty and smart guide in a handy pointers format:ย 

  • Start with a Bang- Be proactive and take initiative in your work. Show enthusiasm and a hunger to learn from day one. Be eager to learn, ask questions, and contribute actively to projects.ย 
  • Embrace the Coffee Breaks- Use casual conversations to build relationships. Engage in office banter and show your sense of humour.ย 
  • Rock Your Unique Superpowers- Know your strengths and leverage them to make a noticeable impact. Offer your expertise, whether it’s in technology, creativity, or organization.ย 
  • Be a Social Chameleon- Adapt to different team dynamics and work styles.ย  Foster positive relationships with colleagues from all departments.ย 
  • Make “Can-Do” Your Middle Name- Show a willingness to take on challenging tasks and responsibilities.ย Demonstrate resourcefulness and problem-solving skills.ย 
  • Show, Don’t Just Tell- Instead of simply discussing ideas, put them into action.ย Be proactive in offering innovative solutions and driving results.ย 
  • Go the extra mile- Volunteer for additional responsibilities or projects, because going above and beyond is like putting sprinkles on an ice cream sundaeโ€”it adds that extra flair. Show your willingness to learn, adapt, and take on challenges. Just don’t go too far and end up scooping the whole tub of ice cream into your cone.ย 
  • Leave a sweet farewell- As your internship nears its end, express your gratitude to everyone who supported you. Write personalized thank-you notes or whip up some homemade cookies. Leave a lasting impression that will make your colleagues think, “Wow, I’m going to miss that intern!”ย 

Remember, an internship is not just about gaining experience but also about making a lasting impression. By following these pointers and incorporating management strategies, you can maximize your impact and set the stage for future success. So go out there, embrace the challenge, and leave your mark on the professional world, one internship at a time! ๐Ÿ’ผโœจ