As a business school professor and behavioral science  researcher, I have a passion for understanding what drives human behaviour in online learning. With a particular interest in improving MOOC engagement and completion rates, I am at the forefront of exploring new ways to enhance the learning experience


A proud contrarian, statistical outlier! Trying to become a swiss knife army. “I don’t play protagonist; I play interesting people.”

I’ve dabbled in a variety of disciplines. Every field has my umbilical cord tied to it.

I have a knack for bringing different ideas and disciplines together creatively. Fueled by questionable sleep schedules and one too many cups of tea. My Itch includes- Being nosy for understanding the various <Nudges in decision making>

Behavioral Science Over Rationality

The TLDR version: I graduated with high distinction from the University of Mumbai with an honors Masters of Commerce degree focusing on Banking and Finance. But, surprise, I am immersed in Behavioural Science now. And I think I’m funny. My sisters? Not so much.

Work & Services

      • Building Professionals Resume / Cover / SOP

      • Research collaboration on Marketing, Behavioural science

      • Content curation work.

      • Wide range of business and marketing-affiliated projects

      • Past Exp includes content curator for an ed-tech Indian company, a start-up company, and one European traveling company.

      • Pricing for each depends on the Country + Hours Invested + Type of wor