I firmly believe that education and outreach are crucial parts of behavioral science work. Outreach helps us to educate, spark an interest in the sciences in young people, and learn how to express ourselves and direct nudges to a wide variety of audiences for public welfare. My outreach work has helped me to understand my research on a more fundamental level, and I am a better person now.

Project for a Government hospital’s Pediatric ward

Whatever path India chooses for its economic growth, the capabilities of our children will matter. And while our best hospitals and schools compare with the best in the world, our healthcare and education systems grossly underserve the ordinary citizen~ Raghuram Rajan

In the likes of the above reality- I’ve been actively involved in welfare activity, teaming up with NGO- Die Hard Indian and Sion Hospital’s Pediatric ward for beautification work, organizing 100+ volunteers on the 10-day polishing drive.

In the likes of above reality- I’ve been actively involved in welfare activity teaming up with NGO- Die Hard Indian and Sion Hospital‘s Pediatric ward for beautification work organising 100+ volunteers on 10 day polishing drive.


Caring never goes out of style. Due to dementia, they may not recall everything, yet their MEMORIES will come in handy for us.

Led as a teacher volunteer-“A visit to Old Age Home, Shree Manav Seva Sangh – India ” on April 1, 2022, allowed the elderly and student volunteers to share sensitive moments. Link of the Clip interactions here.

The Shantivan ashram has been treating and rehabilitating leprosy for decades now. As part of ‘Rural Immersion’ drive, I accompanied my MBA students to make them aware, sensitise them and donate what we can. This visit proved truly transformational as budding managers and leaders of tomorrow must take initiative in such causes.