I explore how technology affects learning among remote learners, whether at an individual level in terms of the choices we make or a societal level in terms of our discourse. I also look at how technology can be designed better to meet our quick learning needs — part of that relates to mindfully improving the EdTec business uses of technology. @SWAYAM @BYJU @Udemy @Coursera @EdX hit me up

My friends study artificial intelligence; I study natural stupidity.

Most days (Unofficially), I’m a behavioral architect with a weird sense of humor. Some days, I’m just weird. Bring me a problem, and I’ll help you crack, stab or do whatever is necessary to solve it. Murder is extra.

I’ve kept this space for my passionate, curious behavioral-based project. You will be serenaded with case studies, pondering questions, WIP, and everything.

I ask a lot of annoying questions like 🤔

# Why do learners who sign up for an app, leave the learning midway?

#Why is it people don’t number their cold mails and share them with the receiver? (I’m sure someone will be intrigued with a random number attached along the mail request)

# Is there a pattern when it comes to swiping on touch screens, i.e. ‘R to L’ or ‘L to R’ (say going through a carousel), and how much of this is to do with how our brains are wired?

# Do we purchase to enhance our personality or Mirage it? 

# Does personality resonate with Real or Filtered us?

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

~ Toni Morrison

Projects so far:


  • Associate at First Principle Lab (My experience so far)
  • Learner for Context Architecture Masterclass (1001 stories)
  • CSBC workshops by Ashoka University
  • Social Norm Change workshop by South Asia Social Norms Learning Collaboration
  • Volunteer for India Behavioural Economics Network (iben) under Nudge Lab
  • Participated in IIT Madras Nudge It!
  • Active in Whatsapp BehSciClub group 😛 (If that counts)