In this corner, we have Social Media, the flashy contender with millions of followers and likes!

And in the opposing corner, we have Email Marketing, the seasoned veteran with a track record dating back to 1971!

If you had to choose between these two heavyweights for marketing yourself and your services, what would be your winning bet?

As a seasoned researcher and professor, I’d confidently place my bets on email marketing! 🎯

Here’s why I, as a researcher, would place my bet on Email Marketing:

Enduring Legacy: While social media platforms rise and fall like shooting stars, email has stood the test of time. It has been the bedrock of digital communication for decades, and its reliability is unparalleled. Social media platforms may be all the rage now, but they’re as fickle as fashion trends. The graveyard of social media sites includes MySpace, Google+, Hi5, FourSquare, and even TikTok- All Dead and Gone from India.

Facebook, once dominant, is also slowly fading away, with most users migrating to Instagram.
Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Threads may share the same fate someday, rendering your hard-earned followers and fans worthless.

  • Professionalism: As a professor, maintaining a professional image is crucial. Email provides a structured and formal environment for communication, ensuring that my messages are taken seriously and not lost in the sea of memes and cat videos.
  • Ownership and Control: With email, I retain full ownership and control over my contact list. Social media platforms may change their algorithms or even disappear, leaving me with a stranded fan base. But with email, I can nurture relationships with my subscribers for years to come.
  • Data Privacy: As a researcher, I value data privacy and security. Email platforms offer better control over data, reducing the risk of leaks and breaches that could damage my reputation.
  • Mobile-Ready: Contrary to the belief that email is outdated, it has adapted to the mobile era. Most people access their emails on smartphones, making it a versatile tool for reaching a wider audience.

So, while social media may offer a glamorous stage, the dependability and long-lasting impact of email marketing make it the champion in my corner!

In a world where trends come and go, I rely solely on email marketing to connect with my potential and existing customers. So, if you want a marketing strategy with true staying power, put your money on email!