….from a Research scholar’s lens….to be Dr Thakur

I hope you make me proud, lady in pink.

Why would you wanna read about me? What’s so special? 

My story- Life is one of those stories you know what’s going to happen but STILL you want to watch how I’ll get there.

I am a Character of my own. A muse for some. And a person not worth remembering- The Forgotten.

My First year as a PhD student summarised below

Too many papers to read and too little time to reflect and absorb it all.

1 library, 3000+ words, 9 pages on MOOCs, app engagement, gamification and the behavioural science approach to same.

It took me three months to arrive at my proposal thesis, one month to gather all the relevant literature, two weeks to scribble and annotate all that literature and a fortnight to write everything.

Purpose of sharing this? Reminder… 

that words, effort, and quiet undisturbed hours in lonely rooms/libraries matter.

To do list of docs for dissertation registration

SPSS, ANOVA is confusing and mind-numbing and R language makes me sick to my stomach. Welcome to the world of data filtering- where logic seems like magic and vice versa.

Focus Divya- Tunnel Vision for start.

Have you ever registered for a MOOC but never finished it?
Or perhaps you know how to make completion rate a valuable metric? 
Share your story, here, or on LinkedIn, where I talk about MOOCs (online courses)

Just hang in there, Divya.

PS: If you find me wearing sports shoe- Just Know. I am Up for the REAL DEAL. I’d not mess with her.


“Don’t chase a title, dream or position! 

Work on projects, get hands-on experience, OBSERVE, OBSERVE (JUST LOOK AROUND)

Find something you truly love to do-Be that Joe to You. (Netflix series reference FYI), and attempt to absorb as much new information as you can using the many media options such as podcasts, books, and YouTube.

– Divya Thakur