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What started as an innocent offer soon snowballed into an unintentional social experiment, revealing the depths of desperation and the intriguing perceptions surrounding job security tied to a premium LinkedIn account.

The Experiment:

Curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to dabble in the world of LinkedIn Premium giveaways. Little did I know, the response would be overwhelming. Messages flooded my inbox, and comments poured in – all without any prompt or request from my end. The experiment was set, and the observations were about to unfold. Sharing the LinkedIn post link here for reference.

Desperation Unveiled:

As the notifications piled up, it became evident that the job market’s current landscape had sparked a sense of urgency among LinkedIn users. The pursuit of job security has taken center stage, with Premium accounts perceived as golden tickets to professional success. The experiment inadvertently shed light on the lengths individuals are willing to go to gain an edge in their career pursuits.

Within 15 min of my post launch on LinkedIn- I started getting DM and comments. Sharing ss of same above.

LinkedIn Premium Frenzy:

The dichotomy of the situation was hard to ignore. On one side, there’s a surge of mass layoffs, and on the other, there’s a race for LinkedIn Premium subscriptions. The dichotomy becomes even more apparent when you explore #linkedinpremium, a hashtag that has garnered the attention of 28,024 followers, all vying for that elusive digital upgrade.

Addressing the Issue:

However, the experiment also exposed a gray area in this Premium-seeking frenzy. Some individuals capitalize on the situation by encouraging needy comments like ‘Need,’ turning a genuine need into a marketing strategy. Here lies the crux of the matter – if the goal is to genuinely aid others, why not share referrals or discreetly distribute the access codes via DMs?

The Resolution:

In light of these revelations, let’s shift our focus from a mere growth in LinkedIn follower counts to fostering a community of genuine assistance. The experiment may have started with a lighthearted offer, but the unintended consequences unveiled a larger narrative about the evolving dynamics of the job market and the role LinkedIn Premium plays in it.

So, next time you see an offer for LinkedIn Premium, consider the bigger picture. Let’s aim for authenticity and mutual support rather than falling into the trap of desperate measures. The experiment taught me that sometimes, the most revealing insights come from the most unexpected social endeavors.

PS: I have personally never used LinkedIn premium but if I happen to get one for free out of referral (Obviously I’m never gonna pay for this) then I will pass it over to these people who’ve reached out to me in my DMs and Comment section.

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PPS: The linkedIn post did give a HUGE boost to my underdog personal site. I mean…..