The past month has been a real doozy. Let’s just say I’m feeling more bruised than a banana that got picked last in gym class.

Things haven’t been sunshine and rainbows with Dad’s health. Apparently, a stable environment is key, which is why I, the ultimate penny pincher (it’s true!), went ahead and bought… an AC. The White Knight, some might say. The conqueror of tropical meltdowns, in my case.

Now, before you judge my extravagant lifestyle, let me clarify: this wasn’t exactly a “treat yo’ self” moment. It’s more like a superhero cape disguised as a cooling machine for the awesome dude I call Dad. Although, let’s be honest, that first electric bill sure did leave me feeling colder than a snowball fight in Antarctica. The installation charges and follow-up bills? Let’s just say they’re the villains no one talks about before you buy the hero product.

Speaking of villains, have you heard about this thing called GST? Apparently, it applies to everything with a plug, including our beloved ACs. And guess what rate they get slapped with? A whopping 28%! Now, I’m no economist, but isn’t a cool breeze a basic human necessity in a country that practically melts every summer? We’re not talking luxury spas here, folks, we’re talking breathable air!

To the esteemed Finance Minister of India (can you hear me?): A little update on the AC tax situation would be much appreciated. Maybe consider the fact that most of us don’t have the luxury of sprawling government lawns to keep us cool. We’re talking basic air environment here, not some fancy ice palace.

So, here’s to surviving the past month, superhero AC purchases, and the not-so-superheroic bills that come with them. Here’s also to hoping for a cooler (tax-wise) future for all us AC-dependent Indians!