I’m ecstatic to spill the beans on my jaw-dropping 91.09% 10th board triumph. 🏆 But, hang on a sec – “Wait, hasn’t this been years ago?” Welcome to the ‘small world’ and ‘What goes around, comes around’ saga, where my life is a living, breathing testament to these cosmic twists!

Now, let’s talk about the latest social media trend – flaunting our 21-year-old selves. But guess what? I’m throwing a spicy curveball into that narrative.

Picture this: me, as a Faculty mentor for Kurla Vasti, strutting into an award ceremony organized by Jankalyan Samiti Vasti Parivartan Yojana. And here’s the kicker – the event went down at the very school that once witnessed my nail-biting first board exam. Talk about a full-circle moment!

Felicitation as Chief Guest for the Annual award ceremony

👩‍🏫 As I strutted back in as a Professor, you can bet your bottom dollar that my friends still know how I flaunt those 90s % with pride.

But wait, there’s more! 😇 Grateful to be a part of ‘Manthan,’ the Social Immersion initiative by DES’s J S Kothari Business School. Imagine the joy of witnessing transformation – not just in my students but in myself, shaping perspectives on social realities.

Their engaging interviews with Vasti Beneficiaries spilled the beans on the profound impact of ‘Mata Bal Arogya’ and ‘Poshak Ahar’ schemes. Spoiler alert: It was nothing short of inspiring.

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