So, there I was, a professor with a library practically next door, drowning in a sea of digital distraction.

Digital Dilemma: The battle between a paperback and a digital screen is fierce. Distractions lurked everywhere – emails, notifications, and the constant temptation to “just check one more thing.” (I am a Professor and am guilty to my ultimate audience’s digital communication tool)

The irony? I was struggling to finish a physical book.

Cue my genius plan:

  • Bought a book called “Hook” – not because it was a well promoted book on behavioural science (well maybe a bit hyped online- sure), but the title felt like a direct challenge from the universe.
  • The decision to purchase was a strategic move. Why? Because my brain needed a nudge, and apparently, it speaks the language of currency.
  • The transaction was the turning point. Suddenly, my leisurely reading became a mission. A mission I had paid for and was darn well going to complete.
  • Lo and behold, the money spent became my accountability partner. It was either read the book or mourn the loss of my hard-earned cash. (I know 100 bucks is not a lot but it was just for this experiment)
  • Result? Finally finished a book that had been gathering dust on my shelf for years.

And guess what? This little experiment taught me the magic of extrinsic motivation.

Turns out, my wallet is a powerful coach.

So try this and share your thoughts here. Let your wallet do the talking and watch your reading skills level up.

It’s time for a #digitaldetox and a vintage reading revival.

Your brain—and maybe your bank account—will thank you.

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