Taking reverse engineering a bit seriously.

Hi, I’m Divya Thakur- a typical girl from a middle class family. For us the important needed document that has to be in place were Aadhaar and PAN card.

My parents never thought that deep of making a Passport coz- We can’t afford those expense, why make it in first place?

And quite frankly they were not wrong either. Prove your worth- Claim thy ticket.

And that’s what I did. (Unintentionally)

I lack super confidence in me.

It was 2020- and I was applying in all possible things that seemed interesting to me.

From one of the newsletter I had subscribed to, I took the plunge of applying for contribution accepted by the IAEA division of the United Nation. Theme: Nuclear safety.

Heck, I have not much clue about nuclear anything- Bhopal Gas Tragedy sure. But nothing beyond that.

So as a good reader- I started my mining labour as per the theme of the conference i.e.- To review and assess lessons learned and actions taken for strengthening nuclear safety.

As a non engineering person- I wrote on building better simple open communication wrt Nuclear Energy. I always smell fear across anything to do with Nuclear or ‘N’ word.

I mail my content dot on the deadline time. (Classic Me- I wasn’t aiming for an outcome quite frankly)

And on 22nd September, A day after my Birthday- I get a mail from IAEA… writing (Attaching the mail image below)

Awesome- I got to go to Austria. 1 problem- Actually 2

A. Its covid period and travelling can be risky.

B. I don’t have a Passport. Geeez.

And my reply went like….

Never the less- I initiated my Passport process.

It took me 4 months almost to get my passport (Covid times you know) and I missed the flight. Quite literally.

Regardless- I attended Virtually.


Present 2023 September- I receive a mail (With my Name in the conference journal)

And its teachers day. And I’m so contended. Glad.


It’s a flex thing now when I say-

I got an invitation from THE United Nation for an all paid week trip to Austria and I let it pass. But in reality I do cry in silence to be having let go A Missed opportunity.


I am sure we all have our passport stories- What’s your? I’m curious to know.

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