You want to be seenheard, known, and of course, I obliged.

In pixel’s dance, secrets lie,
A sultry tease, to catch your eye,
Scan the codes, unlock the doors,
Subtle wit, a world explores.

  • Got to learn about the UN research competition during covid via LinkedIn. Took part- Selected-Paid trip to Austria- Represented India as Youth Panelist.
  • Earned my first Euro by staying consistent in content creation on Medium and LinkedIn
  •  Meeting new people now starts with ‘I know you from LinkedIn’- Celebrity feels
  • Ran an independent side hustle and paid a lot of professional tax for the same. Sigh!
  • Got invited and took sessions on ‘Personal Branding via Social media‘ for B Schools and Undergrad.
  • I got my best Full-time stable job (You’ve got to have one) also coz of extra brownie points earned for branding myself right online- PS: I am the marketing and events/ social media head too, no wonder!
  • Some flexing here- I’m soon to be a Dr. My topic- Online Courses e learning. Picked up this topic ALSO coz of the linkage with branding and networking.

Ohkayy….so what has that to do with QR codes? Well come closer, let me whisper down the WAY I made IT happen.

I believe in making the reaching out stage FAST, QUICK and FULL OF VISUALS.

People have fewer attention spans and you got to make their seconds worth it. So I started early and experimented on Quick Response Codes QR codes.

To add an artise twist you can use the given link:


With the integration of QR code scanners into default camera apps, QR codes have the potential to continue playing a significant role in marketing oneself or personal branding.

Here are a few ways I plan to use QR codes (That you can try as well):

  1. Digital Business Cards: Scanning the QR code would allow potential clients or employers to save the information or visit the provided links quickly. Kind of like a convenient
  2. Resume Enhancements: Too much info and word limit restriction? No problemo! This interactive element can help applicants stand out and provide more comprehensive information to recruiters.
  3. Social Media Integration: Have a hot well traction content and make people wanna subscribe for more? Scanning the code could direct users to a landing page where they can easily follow, connect, or engage with the creator on various social platforms.
  4. Product and Service Promotion: Make them COME for you. Let your users scan the code to instantly access discounts, videos, tutorials, or other interactive experiences.
  5. Personal Websites and Blogs: Aren’t you reading one? It did work.
  6. Event and Networking Integration: QR codes can simplify networking at events by allowing attendees to exchange contact information easily. Scanning a QR code on someone’s badge or nametag can automatically save their details to the scanning person’s phone or trigger a connection request on professional networking platforms. I met a micro influencer that way. He is a regular in most common Indian goods advertisements.

A symphony of data, silently stored,
Unlocking secrets, in patterns adored.